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A Halloween Breakfast Spell

Halloween Boiled Eggs

The house was quiet, every one was sleeping, I slowly got out of bed and tiptoed out my room.  The air was still and cold, the darkness surrounded me as I felt my way into the kitchen.   I pushed the door to the kitchen and it slowly creaked open, I walked inside and suddenly there was  a noise behind me, I jumped and turned around, it was just the ticking of the kitchen clock. At the back of the large cupboard I found my old rusty cauldron. it was time to cast a spell.

I put the cauldron on a medium heat and added cold water and 9 eggs, six white and three brown.  The flames lit the dark kitchen and cast shadows on the walls, I waited quietly as the flames leaped around the cauldron warming it and the cold air.  Once the eggs were boiled, I set them in some cold ice water to cool.  The spell required food coloring and cornstarch to be mixed together to form a paste.  I grabbed my paint brushes and set to work, after an hour the spell was complete.  Out came Count Dracula, Jack o Lantern, several witches, an alien, a ghost and other spooky characters.

Spooky Breakfast Eggs

The kids loved their boiled eggs, there was a little tousle over who was going to eat Count Dracula but we worked it out, I ate the alien and I have to say, he was delicious!

Count Dracula Boiled Eggs

My daughter’s favorite was the love witch.

Halloween Witch boiled egg

I liked the simple jack o lantern egg.

jack o lantern boiled egg

Instructions on how to boil an egg can be found here and instructions on how to mix the food coloring paint can be found here.

spooky halloween eggs

What are you having for Halloween Breakfast?

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